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101 Baptism Fitzpatrick, Thomas (P568)
102 Baptism Fitzpatrick, Thomas (P571)
103 Baptism Fitzpatrick, Thomas (P574)
104 Baptism Fitzpatrick, William (P583)
105 Baptism Fitzpatrick, William (P591)
106 Baptism Fitzpatrick, Bernard (P594)
107 Bob's ancestor Fitzpatrick, Matthew (P2407)
108 Bridget, died 04/03/1868 aged 68, Cormick Fitzpatrick, died 27/07/1876 aged 76, Thomas Fitzpatrick, died 12/03/1887 aged 22, Hugh Fitzpatrick, died 30/12/1900 aged 33, Margaret Fitzpatrick, died 19/08/1903 aged 16, James Fitzpatrick, died 09/07/1905 aged 3 Fitzpatrick, Cormac (P1738)
109 Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA Doran, James (P882)
110 Brown County, Ohio, USA Fitzpatrick, Patrick (P837)
111 Bryansford, County Down, Ireland Fitzpatrick, Margaret (P242)
112 Buried at Allerton

Married St Peter's Chapel 
Fitzpatrick, George (P2801)
113 Buried Ballymartin Fitzpatrick, William J (P98)
114 Buried Ballymartin Fitzpatrick, Margaret (P99)
115 Buried Ballymartin Fitzpatrick, Denis (P875)
116 Burnley, Lancashire McNally, Charles (P906)
117 Captain Joe's ancestor Fitzpatrick, James (P846)
118 Daniel's ancestor Fitzpatrick, Edward L (P2419)
119 Death Sept 1956 Liverppol North 10D 438

14 Guthrie St, West Derby (1923-1929)
64 Golsmoth Rd, Liverpool 6 (1930-1940)
135 Asbridge St, Liverpool 8 
Fitzpatrick, James John (P2769)
120 Died at 21 Lydia Ann St
Buried Ford X 1165 
Fitzpatrick, Henry (P2820)
121 Died at 83 Upper Frederick St aged 4 months
Buried at Ford BZ 2856 
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Ann (P2819)
122 Died Mill Rd hospital

Buried Ford SV 1997 
McGrandle, Catherine (P2817)
123 Dillon, Beaverhead, Montana Fitzpatrick, James (P808)
124 Erected by Thomas Fitzpatrick of Moyad in memory of his mother Catherine Fitzpatrick, died 09/10/1873 aged 25 and his father Peter Fitzpatrrick, died 07/06/1902 aged 65, also the above named Thomas Fitzpatrick, died 06/08/1945 aged 77 and his wife Mary Ann Fitzpatrick, Peter (P1225)
125 Family ploterected by John Fitzpatrick; in memory of his father Roger Fitzpatrick; Ardbrin; died 22/10/1871; aged 73; also his beloved wife Mary; died 04/02/1872; aged 60. Fitzpatrick, Rodger (P825)
126 Family ploterected in memory of Stephen Fitzpatrick of Stang; died 07/06/1920; aged 80; his wife Ann Fitzpatrick; died 14/10/1893; aged 50; his daughter Margaret Campbell of Cleomack; died 02/03/1939; aged 71.  Fitzpatrick, Stephen (P1253)
127 Family plotsee Stephen Fitzpatrick; died 07/6/1920; aged 80; husband of the above named.  Fegan, Mary Ann (P1251)
128 Ford cemetery Fitzpatrick, Margaret (P318)
129 FreeBMD, England&Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915 (Provo, UT, USA, Operations Inc, 2006). Source (S-781898282)
130 FreeBMD, England&Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index, 1837-1915 (Provo, UT, USA, Operations Inc, 2006). Source (S-781898268)
131 Godparents:
Daniel Fitzpatrick
Mary Smyth 
Smyth, Mary (P168)
132 Godparents:
Felix Cunningham
Ann Cunningham 
Fitzpatrick, William (P101)
133 Godparents:
Felix Cunningham
Mary Magin 
Fitzpatrick, Henry (P33)
134 Godparents:
Henry Fitzpatrick
Ann Jordan 
Fitzpatrick, Robert (P218)
135 Godparents:
James Fitzpatrick
Peggy Cunningham 
Fitzpatrick, Hugh (P187)
136 Godparents:
James Hanna
Rose Colgan
St Peter's Chapel

John residing at Hughson St, Liverpool
Bridget residing at Pownall St, Liverpool

Witnesses: Margaret Fitzpatrick, James Rourke 
Fitzpatrick, John (P244)
137 Godparents:
Mary Smyth 
Smyth, Margaret (P167)
138 Godparents:
Rose Fitzpatrick
James Murphy 
Fitzpatrick, Arthur (P129)
139 Henry Fitzpatrick's ancestor (re Lynn Brown) Fitzpatrick, Stephen John (P835)
140 Henry's (father of Lynn Brown) line Fitzpatrick, Patrick (P837)
141 Hugh, of Dromena and his wife Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, also their son Hugh Fitzpatrick, died 09/10/1895 aged 38 and his wife Mary Ann Fitzpatrick, died 16/05/1939 aged 80. Fitzpatrick, Hugh (P1099)
142 Illinois Berard, Alma Marie (P869)
143 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P870)
144 In memory of my beloved parents James and Ellen Fitzpatrick who died 11th October 1900 and 2nd February 1909 respectively, erected by their daughter M E McKenna Fitzpatrick, James (P1855)
145 Iowa Kapler, Margurite Dorothy (P871)
146 Ireland North Duggan, Julia (P320)
147 Jo's ancestor ( Fitzpatrick, Edward (P391)
148 Joan's ancestor Fitzpatrick, Thomas (P563)
149 Leitrim Fitzpatrick, Thomas (P2268)
150 Los Angeles Fitzpatrick, James Jerome (P2395)

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